Gas Petition

I just received an email to sign a petition to the White House to lower gas prices. If you want to lower gas prices, petitioning President Bush is a monumental waste of time. Write your representatives to put pressure on the automobile industry to raise fuel mileage (which they resist), or convince your friends and family to quit buying cars that are useless and/or completely impractical (like Hummers in the city). Or, hey, here's a thought: buy a hybrid. Whining about gas prices without the willingness to make the changes at home is ridiculous.


hamsterfanny said...

Not to mention the fact that a large part of gas prices is taxes,both state and federal, and those never get lowered.

Cameron said...

Also, we currently don't have the refinery capacity to meet our growing needs. And with China and India growing, we really need to start tapping into wind/solar technologies. People need to wake up. We may not run out of oil for several more decades, but it is no longer going to be cheap.