Another Theory In Crisis

Apparently Germ Theory isn't up to snuff. Via Pharyngula:

Pooflingers Anonymous has found a truly bizarre and apparently entirely serious document, A Faulty Medical Model: The Germ Theory. In it, we learn that Pasteur was a plagiarist, a thief, a poor scientist, and a fraud. Microbes mutate from microbe to bacterium to fungus to virus to cause disease (microbiologists are going to be very surprised to learn this). They transform as the pH decreases—so the more acidic you are, the more microbes will convert into deadly viruses. We can cure all this just by consuming lots of calcium and colloidal silver, with a few other important tips, like avoiding margarine ("…eat all the butter you want. It's healthy!"). It's wonderfully insane.

I guess we'll have to start giving this equal time in the classroom too. One commentor summed up nicely how you deal with this kind of person:

See, this isn't even the sort of crazy that you can argue with. It's just the sort of crazy that makes you smile, not make eye contact, and back away slowly.

Boy, we really need more scientific literacy in this country.

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