Olbermann on Rumsfeld

Keith Olbermann gave an amazing and inspiring commentary on Rumsfeld's recent remarks. It is well worth watching and I encourage you to do so.

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Crazy But Amazing

I've been on a YouTube kick lately. This short video is pretty cool. These gents are fortunate the silverback didn't feel like breaking them in half. What an experience though.

Someone Has Talent

Say Thanks

Xerox has a great program that allows you to pick out a postcard, designed by a kid, and have it sent to a random soldier overseas. They have some preset messages to use or you can write a short note yourself. The whole process is free to the user. To send a card, click here.


Finally, An Explanation

Ricky Gervais finally makes me understand.


Simple But True

Do you know what the equation represent? To find out, read through the comments of Pharyngula.


Constitution in Crisis?

Representative Conyers has released his lengthy report detailing alleged violations by the Bush administration. A summary of the report is here. The full report is here.

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Friday Funny


Altered Oceans

The LA Times has a five-part series of the crisis we're seeing in the oceans, regarding pollution, warming, changing habitats etc.... You can read it here. There are also links to video, photos, and some graphics.

The Rich are Better Off Than You Think

Bush creates tax cuts for the super rich. Republicans want to do away with the estate tax, deeming it unfair. And yet, according to a new report by the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, wealthy individuals are hiding trillions of dollars in assets in offshore banks to avoid paying 40-70 billion a year in taxes.

Original press release here.

Copy of official report (in pdf) here.

(I don't want to paint those with wealth all with the same brush. While there are, according to the report, a significant amount of individuals who utelize off-shore accounts for tax evasion, financial fraud, and money laundering, there are many, many people who earned their wealth the hard way and use it legally. Just pisses me off that people who make more than I will in 100 lifetimes don't seem to think they have to live by the same laws.)