Bush on ID

President Bush has come out on record as saying he supports the teaching of Intelligent Design in public schools. Never mind that he is completely unqualified to really comment on the subject, but it also contradicts the statements of his own science advisor, John Marburger. What is the point of having a science advisor if you are going to ignore him? It also reverses previous statements his administration has made in the past regarding ID and public school curricula. Now, if they want to teach ID in a comparative religion course, fine, but it has no business in a science classroom. ID has not met any of the criteria to establish itself as a scientific idea. When is that going to sink in? Starting next year I'm going to be including evolution in my science curriculum, and I wonder if I'll get any grief out of it from parents or suggestions that I should include ID.

UPDATE: Science journalist Carl Zimmer has a good question for President Bush.

Mr. President, I would ask, how do you reconcile your statement that Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution with the fact that your administration, like both Republican and Democratic administrations before it, has supported research in evolution by our country's leading scientists, while failing to support a single study that is explicitly based on Intelligent Design? The National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and even the Department of Energy have all decided that evolution is a cornerstone to advances in our understanding of diseases, the environment, and even biotechnology. They have found no such value in Intelligent Design. Are they wrong? Can you tell us why?

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