Evolution on Trial?

If you haven't heard, a riduculous, staged trial is going to take place in Kansas to evaluate the validity of evolution. The ring leaders (it will be a circus, after all) are all pushing to get Intelligent Design in the science curriculum of high school biology classes. As far as I know, scientists are boycotting the evern, rightfully so. Evolution, as fact and theory, does not need to be defended as the science is overwhelming on its behalf. ID proponents don't particulary care and in many cases don't even understand the science itself. Especially the school board members, who take their cues from places like the Discovery Institute. Some of the board members say that there are serious problems with evolution (they can't say what though) and that there is scientific evidence for ID that should be evaluated by students. Again, they cannot cite what the evidence is (Hint: it's because there isn't any). If you peruse the web in search of info, you might find a common DI pamphlet called '10 Questions Students Should Ask Their Biology Teacher.' Again, it's crap, and PZ Myers has a nice succinct reply to it here. If you happen to live in a school district that starts to have a debate about whether or not to teach ID, here is a good place to get info, the National Center for Science Education.

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