New Links

I've added to my blog roll (on the right) for any interested readers. The Becker-Posner blog is an economic/law blog. Becker won the Nobel Prize in Economics and Posner is a judge. The Chicago Law School blog is run by the faculty and, not surprisingly, covers a range of legal issues. Crooked Timber concerns a variety of topics ranging from politics to news and science. All three blogs are intelligent and well written (much more so than mine, alas). 1115.org is mostly political (on the liberal side). Daily Kos is a very liberal political blog (If you're a conservative, this site isn't for you, unless you have a really open mind). Mind Hacks concerns psychology, an area I don't know a whole lot about so it seemed appropriate to have at least one site I can learn from. Lastly, Deep Sea News if you are interested in deep sea biology/marine biology (like the recent news of the giant squid).

Also, I've vastly improved my life by downloading RSS Bandit, a newsreader that aggregates all my blogs in a single place (sort of like an Outlook system). So, if you read a lot of blogs and want to save on time, give it a shot. Works great.

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