Bush Wouldn't Get Lucky Twice

If a presidential election were held this year, Bush would lose according to a CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Fifty-five percent of respondents would vote for a democrat. This isn't surprising considering how badly the Bush administration has bungled the job of governing. However, a larger issue is this: what did the 51% of Americans who voted for Bush a second time expect would happen? He did a shitty job in his first term. Did they think that all of a sudden he would metamorphosize into an uber-leader? As far as I'm concerned, if you voted for Bush in the second election, you have no right to complain. You buried your head in the sand, ignored the multiple lines of evidence that demonstrated the failure and ineptitude of his administration, and voted for him anyway. The result? Continued problems in Iraq; record levels of opium exportation from Afghanistan; abuse/misuse of science; irresponsible fiscal policies; terrible foreign relations; potential criminal acts among his staff; blatantly unqualified Supreme Court nominee, among many other issues. This doesn't even include the DeLay and Frist fiascos. There is no doubt that in 50 years time, history will have very little good to say about President Bush's two terms in office.

On another topic, have you watched or read the daily press briefings from the White House. So far, I have never seen Scott Mclellan actually answer a straightforward question. It is literally sentence after sentence of bullshit. Ari Fleischer at least gave legitimate responses. How can you trust your government when they cannot provide honest answers to clear questions. Again, is it any wonder that Bush's approval rating is 38%?

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