Hotel Rwanda

Beth and I just finished watching the movie Hotel Rwanda. It's a hard movie to sit through. At the end you can't help but feel sickened and pissed at the way our country and the rest of the civilized world did absolutely nothing to stop the genocide, because it would have been a bad move politically. And to think that there are similar situations occuring now, on a smaller scale, and we're still not doing anything makes me even madder. There isn't much more that I can say, except that we need to do more for the world and protect those people who can't protect themselves, even if they are not American.


ac510@centurytel.net said...

Iraq? You don't consider the hundreds of thousands of Kurds and Shites that Saddam gassed and shot genocide? WMD or not, Saddam's campaign of genocide was reason enough to take him out. Did the UN ever pass a resolution to stop the genocide in Rwanda? Should the US have done something with or without a UN resolution to stop it?

Cameron said...

The U.S. should have done something. And if President Bush had made an argument to go into Iraq because a genocide had taken place, he would have been on more justified grounds than searching for WMD's that don't exist. It wasn't until after they couldn't find anything that if became about helping the Iraqiis. Instead of spreading fundamental Christianity around the globe (and especially Africa) perhaps it would be in our better interest to help build infrastructure, fight disease, alleviate poverty, and sustain their environments.