NSTA Bought By Big Oil?

I learned today that the National Science Teachers Association, of whom I'm a member, recently turned down 50,000 free copies of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Their reason was simple: they didn't want to risk the millions of dollars they get from Exxon-Mobil or the American Petroleum Institute. Doesn't exactly make me proud to be a member. I wrote them a letter today and if you would like to send them a comment, go here.


Anonymous said...

al gore, the same guy who invented the internet? can't understand why a professional association would turn down his ideas. he probably couldn't sell any of his books so he was trying to get a tax deduction for giving them away!

Cameron said...

His documentary is backed up by the science (even if it does use some overly flashy imagery). It would certainly be appropriate for a high school level classroom.

Anonymous said...

cfzysi'm beginning to understand "science" is a lot like "accounting". the practitioner of eiher profession is too apt to ask their client "what do you want the answer to be?" is either profession able to establish "truths" rather than "documented opinions" regardless of the side of the issue in question.