Elementary Physics

One of my students dad is a doctor. He works an absolutely insane schedule. Once a year, he takes one of his three kids on a five day trip for some bonding. This year he took his 5th grade son K backpacking around Four Corners National Monument. As they were driving north in New Mexico, an ominous thundercloud was approaching, lighting forking out all around them. K was getting nervous as the storm got closer. The lighting especially concerned him. K's dad, G, explained that they were perfectly safe from harm, even if the car was struck. K asked a reasonable question.

"If it's safe, why are we the only ones on the road?"
"We're not the only ones," his dad replied. "Look, there's another car right there," G said, pointing.
K, being the astute young boy that he is, observed that the car was going in the opposite direction. He again asked why they were the only ones traveling into the storm.
"We're driving into the storm because we have big brass gonads," his dad said.
K thought for a moment.
"What are gonads?"
"Big brass balls."
K paused for a second and then said, in all seriousness,
"I don't think having brass balls is a good idea in a lightning storm."

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