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Over at Daily Kos is an interview with three of the climate scientists who run RealClimate.org. It's an excellent interview with some interesting and relevant info regarding climate change. Click here to head over.

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Calvin Jones said...

Dear Fellow Bloggers,
I have been searching technorati for articles on climate change and noticed that your sites cover the issue. For many of you this is a secondary issue to blog about, and for me this makes contacting you even more important. I run a website called climate change action, which is exclusively focused on climate change; as this encompasses economics, ecology, social justice, development, technology etc... this remit isn't to constrictive.

The website URL is bellow, i hope it is of interest, it is certainly of importance, have a look and if you are interested spread you may like to link to the site and help to spread the word about one of the greatest challenges faced by our generation.

The website also features:

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Calvin Jones, Scotland

Climate Change Action: The issues, the solutions.