Downing Street Memo

Congress thought it was worth investigating, and attempting to impeach, President Clinton over his sexual habits, and yet we have heard not a peep (including from the media) about the British intelligence memo that says Blair and Bush were discussing Iraqi invasion plans a year before it happened. This despite Bush's repeated claims it was not being planned. The Brits (Blair, Straw, Brown) have admitted to the veracity of the document. Why isn't this being scrutinized? Bush lied not only to the American people but Congress as well. Certainly worse than a little Oval Office fun, don't you think?

p.s. Doesn't something seem wrong when a former sitting president (Clinton) is doing more to raise America's profile worldwide than the current sitting president. His efforts on behalf of tsunami victims, AIDS education and elimination, raising economic awareness of third world countries, discussion with European leaders about the constitution, etc... are all more than the current administration has done. But then again, I guess it is a full time job ignoring the scientific consensus on climate change and evolution, misleading the public on stem cells, wracking up the debt, mismanaging the war on terror, and trying to convert every man, woman, and child to Christianity.

p.s.s. Been a long day. I'm taking it out on the politicians.

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